Strategic Vision: POWER

Luke 24:49 and Acts 1:8

Pentecostal Celebration

  • Past (Celebrate our history)
  • Purpose (Embrace prophetic purpose; don't default to programs)
  • Presence (Is there an authentic presence of God in our community?)
  • Promise (Ensure our next generation walks in the fullness of the Spirit)

Organizational Development

  • Management (Administration, funding, infrastructure, staffing)
  • Models (Collaboration, partnership, resourcing)
  • Vision (Capture, cast, convey)

Widening the Witness

  • Web Communication (Upgrade from static to interactive site; Social Media)
  • Written Communication (E-newsletter, press releases, publications)
  • World Impact (Embrace Mexico, NAPPA, greater Christian community)

Emerging Leaders

  • Inspire Us (Tell us your stories/miracles/calling, edify us, encourage us)
  • Connect Us (Teach networking, invite to meetings, take on ministry trips)
  • Listen To Us (Give us a platform, hear our hearts, go on retreats with us)
  • Run With Us (Don't pass the baton to with us)

Reconciliation & Justice

  • Educate (Every movement, every age: in classroom, church, & community)
  • Embrace (Dress it in denim, walk the talk, encourage, encounter, model)
  • Exchange (Leave our comfort zones, exchange pulpits, form partnerships)