Strategic Vision: POWER

Luke 24:49 and Acts 1:8

Pentecostal Celebration

  • Past - We celebrate our history.
  • Purpose - We embrace prophetic purpose without defaulting to programs.
  • Presence - We pursue the authentic presence of God in our community.
  • Promise - We value our next generation walking in the fullness of the Spirit.

Organizational Development

  • Management oversees administration, funding, infrastructure, and staffing.
  • Leadership models collaboration, partnership, and resourcing.
  • Our membership captures, casts, and conveys the vision.

Widening the Witness

  • Website and social communication are interactive not static.
  • Communication includes e-newsletters, press releases, and publications.
  • World impact embraces Mexico, Canada, and the greater Christian community.

Emerging Leaders

  • We inspire, edify, and encourage with our stories, miracles, and calling.
  • We connect and strengthen through networking in meetings and ministry.
  • We listen to one another's hearts through dialogue and giving a platform.
  • We will not simply pass the baton but run together!

Reconciliation & Justice

  • Educate every movement, every age-in classroom, church, and community!
  • Embrace other cultures, walk the talk, encourage, encounter, and model!
  • Leave our comfort zones, exchange pulpits, dialogue, and create partnerships!