Evangelism Resources


  • Awakening to God, Gerard Long, Tyndale, 2014
  • Voted one of best resources of the year by Outreach
  • Seeks to equip Christ followers to become "fishers of men"
  • Author says, "When we show people what the kingdom of God is like, the Holy Spirit draws them to receive Jesus Christ."
  • The Master Plan of Evangelism (Second Edition), Robert Coleman, 1993
  • Originally written in 1963, this abridged second edition published by Spire is crisp and straightforward.
  • Considered a "modern classic," the book has made an indelible mark on Christianity around the world.
  • Life on Mission, Tim Harlow, 2014
  • Tim's church grew from 150 to 8,000 with these principles
  • Book, Curriculum, DVD, Small group materials

Web Sites


  • The Jesus Film (Produced in nearly every language possible) Most good web sites have multiple videos with stories, testimonies, etc.

Training and Resources Section

  • Alpha - It explores the basics of the Christian faith Currently in 169 countries; 112 languages
  • Alpha Youth - New 12 Video series - FREE Will engage students in conversations about faith, life, and Jesus

The resources listed here are examples only and are not to be considered sole recommendations by PCCNA. Online research will provide a broad and deep selection of additional excellent resources.