2017 Prayer Commission Resolutions


The mission of the PCCNA Prayer Commission is to create a context for fellowship, dialogue, and cooperation between the prayer coordinators of Pentecostal and Charismatic denominations, churches and ministries in North America, under the auspices of the sponsoring organization. The Commission seeks to encourage intentional prayer leadership in member organizations and their congregations toward the goal of building houses of prayer for the nations with Great Awakening impact in view.


The vision of the PCCNA Prayer Commission is to inspire and encourage denominational prayer coordinators in their mission to bring prayer to the heart of their denominational mission and to undergird the prayer movement across the denominational continuum.


  • We value unified prayer.
  • We value prayer that is transformational, worshipful at its heart, and missional at its edge.
  • We value biblical, scripture-based prayer that moves us to incarnate Christ and empowers us to proclaim him with Pentecostal power.
  • We value prayer in our homes - the family altar, daily and personal prayer, prayer between couples, blessings over our children, prayer integrated into the fabric of daily life.
  • We value corporate prayer through congregational prayer gatherings.
  • We value intercession and intercessors, and urge pastors and congregations to identify them, train and direct them, team them together, debrief them, and honor their commitment to prayer.
  • We value prayer evangelism and believe that a praying intercessor is behind each soul saved, if none other than Christ himself.
  • We value the Church as a cultural change agent, and believe that the penetrating intensity of the Church as a 'light' and its potency as 'salt' is a result of time spent with God.
  • We value praying in the Spirit, by and with the anointing and enabling of the Spirit.
  • We value holiness and believe that the great evidence of time in the presence of God is transformation into his likeness.


  1. To encourage denominational leaders to appoint a denominational prayer coordinator or a prayer commission.
  2. To connect denominational prayer coordinators into a fellowship that encourages, informs and inspires.
  3. To identify mutually beneficial causes on which we might collaborate.
  4. To identify resources that might be offered to the participating denominations.
  5. To connect regularly - by a phone conference and prayer.
  6. To plan the Pentecostal Denominational Prayer Leaders Gathering at the PCCNA meeting.
  7. To explore relationships with existing prayer organizations and efforts.

More than a static commission, the PCCNA Prayer Commission seeks to give priority to prayer training and mobilization, marked by humble, unified, passionate Pentecostal praying for revival in the Church and a Great Awakening in the culture.


The Prayer Commission conducts a monthly conference call every third Wednesday of the month at 10:00am EST.



Pentecost was a prayer meeting, and early Pentecostal churches were characterized by prayer. We believe that today, prayer is too often assumed and lacks impetus to bring about ongoing renewal. With a passionate commitment to rekindle the fire on the altar, we request the creation of the Prayer Commission.

Around the world, a prayer movement is now exploding - and likewise, a record harvest is occurring. With a longing to see fervent prayer and a fruitful harvest, we request the founding of the commission.

In early 2015, seven Pentecostal denominations came together for Encounter 2015, specifically for prayer. Out of that collaborative prayer effort, the vision for on-going fellowship, dialogue and cooperation was born.


The PCCNA Prayer Commission is funded by contributions from its members and friends. Contributions can be made through the PCCNA, and should be earmarked for the Prayer Commission.